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Tom 'No Morals' Johnson is an award-winning colour tattoo artist with over a decade of experience in the industry, he brings a profound passion for New School and Realism styles to his diverse portfolio. His artwork is heavily influenced by his deep appreciation for pop culture, resulting in captivating and unique pieces.


Based in the Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, Tom operates from his renowned studio, 'NMT', where he is dedicated to delivering the highest quality custom tattoos. Known for his vibrant use of color, Tom's creations exude energy and vitality, reflecting his unwavering love for his artistry.



Tom can be found at many conventions both in the UK and internationally throughout 2024. If you would like to be tattooed at one of the events, please submit a booking form


 Tattooed Planet

13th - 14th July

Newbury Tattoo Convention

3rd - 4th August

Ink & Engines Fest

17th - 18th August

International Brugge Tattoo Convention

20th - 22nd September

New York Tattoo Convention

18th - 20th October

International Brussels Tattoo Convention

9th - 10th November


Tom has won several awards including best of day and best of show.  


He is the co-owner of the highly regarded 'NMT'. 


Tom's portfolio has been featured in several global publications. 

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